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We are pleased to announce a new way to give - through our Family Care Fund!

Donations to the Family Care Fund will be used where your gift is needed most - to buy new medical equipment, upgrade existing equipment and meet other urgent care needs at WDMH. The Family Care Fund supports families just like yours. 

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Keeping Our Patients Safe

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Lynne's Club

Monthly Giving at the WDMH Foundation 

Lynne’s Club is a monthly giving program, allowing you the opportunity to make your donation to the WDMH Foundation in monthly instalments instead of, or in addition to, an annual gift. 

The Club is named after Lynne Wilson, a passionate and innovative Managing Director of the Foundation, as a tribute to mark our appreciation for her service and vision.  Lynne was with the Foundation from 2003 until June, 2006, when she passed away from cancer. Her dedication to WDMH helped bring the dream of a new hospital to life, cementing local quality care for future generations.  

We know that you value knowing that you and your family can easily access quality health care. You can hop in your car, drive over to the Hospital, pay only $5.00 for parking, and head right in to our 24-hour Emergency Department.  You can also access clinics, labs, diagnostic tests and even visit friends or family. The Hospital staff do their best to ensure a well managed, clean, technologically-advanced and caring atmosphere. This kind of facility doesn’t exist for everyone in Ontario and we have to remember that.

As a valued monthly donor, you will receive very special benefits that you wouldn’t be eligible for as an annual contributor. You’ll also have more convenience, control and impact with your monthly gift. To learn more, please click on the link to the brochure below.

Please preview or print the Lynne's Club brochure (including donation form) by clicking here.


About Lynne

In June, 2006 the WDMH Foundation family lost its Managing Director, Lynne Wilson to cancer. In 2011, on the 5th Anniversary since Lynne’s death, the WDMH Foundation wanted to do something special to mark its appreciation for Lynne’s service by creating this unique monthly giving club.

Lynne cared deeply for her hospital. Her passion and dedication to WDMH helped to bring the dream of a new hospital to life.

Lynne’s husband Laurie and the staff at the WDMH Foundation have partnered to get others to pick-up where Lynne left off. She would have been proud that WDMH is forging a new path. 



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